Final compositions


Feedback mentioned too much literal interpretation of “congestion” with previous design in which smaller squares are trying to squeeze through an opening formed by two larger squares.  Changes are made so that design also balanced the white spaces in all dimensions.


Order was changed by utilizing a smaller square such that the largest square isn’t cutoff.  It can still be imagined that the squares continuing on infinitely with increase in size.


Comfort design is also changed.  Original design relied too much on the literal meaning of “comfort”, with one square leaning on the other.  Changes were made to have more of a comforting visual effect with the negative space drawn out.


Playfulness’ design didn’t change much.  Critique concluded that the “solemn” square at the bottom contrasted with the smaller squares at the top.  This emphasized the “playfulness” of the smaller squares and thus, wasn’t changed.


Original design of tension was again too literal with a tower of smaller squares about to tip over.  New design is more visual and creates a very sharp line between the larger squares depicting tension.