Final booklet

Spread 1

Added rotation and green color change to the main title “Webapp” to invoke more interest.  Second spread and following have reduced the width of comments from the previous critique.

Spread 2

Each code page have a snippet showing the progress of when that specific code was written.  Statistics include date, time taken, lines of code, and emoticon for mood.

Spread 3

Same style as above.

Spread 4

Final back cover includes the same style comments like interior, but differentiates by having a green outline indicating uniqueness of author bio.  ASCII picture of myself is left in due to popular requests.

PDF: Booklet Final Spread


One thought on “Final booklet

  1. We liked how you commented out your paragraph style and also captions on page of code with number of hours and emotion. When you repeat the grid from page to page, the benefit is that the reader knows where to look for elements but the drawback is that it becomes repetitive. In your case, you could have played the placement of image to make it more interesting. Really like the information about the author and picture. Cover could have been jazzier. You have done a really nice job of code and crisp text.

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