Sketches and rough spread


Most of the sketches are based off of simple grid designs like single-column and two-column.  The reason being is code and the image (application) it represents are often very abstract and not so much artistic, so anything fancy doesn’t really suit the subject.

Spread 1

Spread 1 is pretty much single-columned with two rows with alternating code and application screenshot it represents.  The contrast between black and white is symmetric with respects to diagonals.

Spread 2

This spread has a more unified look with all the code on one page and application screenshots on the other.  This look is easier on the eyes as it clearly separates the implementation from the view.

Spread 3

This design is multi-columned with two columns of code as background, but with screenshot overlay-ed on top.  It’s a interesting design, but may not be suitable for the subject matter especially for those who actually know the code, as it’s distracting.


One thought on “Sketches and rough spread

  1. From the in-class critique, it appears that most agreed upon Spread 2 as the best design of the three as it’s very high contrast, easy on the eyes and have clear separation of subject matter. The alternating design was too distracting and the amount of code seemed to “little” compared to the screenshot. The hierarchical design is cool, but it’s distracting due to the many colors and the breaking up of code.

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