Interior spreads

Spread 1

This was the 1st spread of the three designs from the spread design critique.  This was picked due to its simplicity and separation of content of code from application screenshots.

Spread 2

Spread 2 which includes additional application shots and code.

Spread 3

Spread 3 follows from spread 2 with more application screenshots.


2 thoughts on “Interior spreads

  1. You know what might be fun in here? Little captions with micro-stories commenting on what you were thinking, doing, experiencing along the way. You could “comment out” the comments, or not, but it would help the lay reader see what’s going on. You need some text up in here to create the story. Having both images full-spread is leaving you no room to talk about your work. Consider giving your self a slice of white somewhere on each page for text.

  2. I think the book is conveying only code and images supporting it, you need some sort of text conveying what is it, when was it written, what did you think, maybe how we write comments toe explain the code, etc. I agree with Jessamyn that you need some white space on the spread. Also, is the code in continuation? Do you need a title?

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