Resume rough draft


Sketches were aligned to the two thirds, one third rule.  Played around ideas stemming from the classical resume layout.

Resume Draft

Used Garamond for name to differentiate from the rest of the resume.  Coloring highlights the main parts of the resume (along with all caps).  Following the two thirds, one third rule to focus attention on employment experience.  Four levels of hierarchy to further classify personal information.


2 thoughts on “Resume rough draft

  1. Luke, two-column grid works really well for your resume content. I like the way you have identified four levels of hierarchy, its pretty clear. Few suggestions: Your name gets lost between all the other content, maybe font size can go up or it can go bold. Do you really want to use blue just in your first name in the whole resume? Think about it. The gutter space (the space between two columns) can increase (actually has to be maintained) a little bit so that your content on right separates out from left one. You need line spacing between last line of coding and title ‘Languages’. One more suggestion, either use indent or ‘>’ for pointers, try to keep it consistent throughout.

  2. Positive feedback included the the nice split into two columns and general hierarchy of content. There was mixed feedback on the coloring of the name, though one color was supported. Negative feedback included leaving some space between the two columns in the resume and ditching the > as indentation.

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