Typographic Hierarchy (part 5)

Final Design

Final design changed most of the negative critiqued elements.  “School of Design and Pittsburgh Filmmakers” and “present” have their letting adjusted back to normal.  Size of “Hayao Miyazaki” is increased slightly.  Titles for respective films ditched the bland brown color and instead used the same color as title, so a total of three colors are used.  “Breed Auditorium” is put in black as to not take focus off of the films and title.

Standing back 10ft, “Hayao Miyazaki” can be clearly seen, 5ft is good enough for viewing everything clearly.  The contrast between the orange-ish red, black, and white makes it pretty easy to read.

Typographic and Color System

There is a lot of differences in sizes and weights to help create the hierarchy along with indentation.  Focus is put on both weight and size, and combinations of those two aspects determine the overall importance of each element.  Color choices of Black, Warm Red, and Teal make way for a high contrast yet light feel of the poster, representative of Miyazaki films.

Subway Poster

One can spot “Hayao Miyazaki” extremely quickly and can almost guess what the middle is.  However, this poster is more designed at a 8.5″ by 11″ scale so blowing it up to poster size isn’t exactly the design goal.  For a large size poster, I would have definitely upped the scale of “Hayao Miyazaki” even more, decrease the size of “Film Series”, and finally increase the size of the film names.


One thought on “Typographic Hierarchy (part 5)

  1. Luke, in the final poster you did a great job of creating a strong color palette! Instead of the white background, I would have liked to see you use some of these fabulous colors in the composition itself, as a background or as shapes. As we talked about in class, you probably could have trimmed your levels of hierarchy down to 3 or 4 of the most contrasting weights and sizes. What’s really nice in your final is the shifting left and right of the dates and movie titles. They are close but feel as if they’re pulling apart, creating a sense of tension for the viewer. Nice work! You could have used a similar effect in the title, which feels more centered and symmetrical. In your future compositions, be bold and experimental. Don’t be afraid of big type sizes and intense color!

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