Typographic Hierarchy (part 4)

Color Design 1

This was a redesign of one of the critiqued designs from part 3.  Moved all of the films to one side to maintain unity.  In addition, not all words are hugging along the same diagonal line (the dates for example).  Used minimal coloring as Miyazaki films aren’t very heavy and dense, but rather light and innocent.  Brought “Admission free” up to top of line so more emphasis is given.  Italicized “present” and dates to add some differentiation.  Choice of colors still doesn’t seem to be ideal.

Color Design 2

This design is also one that was critiqued in part three.  Though the design still emphasized indentation, there are slight changes in the general left to right style to create a more centered approach.  This redesign brought up importance of the main subject with bold colors and has a blockbuster feel to it.  This is probably my favorite of the three designs for this assignment.

Color Design 3

This design is build upon one of the non-critiqued designs from part three.  The general left and right is preserved with added interplay of colors.  “Hayao Miyazaki” is moved to the left as opposed to the right to create more balance and emphasis.  “Admission free” is put at the bottom to create a focal point, so viewers can see it despite its smaller size.  Again minimal color is employed to give a lighter feel.


One thought on “Typographic Hierarchy (part 4)

  1. Feedback on the critiqued design (2nd one) has been quite mixed with a lot of suggestions contradictory.

    Things that were good include the focus created around “Hayao Miyazaki” and the colors of red and black. Multiple people pointed out the ease of reading and the light feel given by the choice of humble colors. Individuals also liked the indentation that created the hierarchy for ease of reading.

    A negative aspect is using too many colors, and suggestions include not using brown for the film names as it has a dull contrast. Also the “School of Design and Pittsburgh Filmmakers” and “present” don’t need to be of different letting. Some also pointed out the film name sizes are bit too similar to the heading size. A suggestion said to use more of the white space.

    Contradictions in critiques include the like and dislike for indentation. Some also liked the contrast red gave while others said it was too bright. A few suggested having the last name “Miyazaki” be in a different color, but others said to leave it the same.

    There is a general direction to move towards though.

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