Typographic Hierarchy (part 3)

Size change & stroke weights 1

Emphasis is put on Miyazaki Films since it’s probably the most notable piece of text.  Dates and films are in different sizes to show contrast and ease of separation.

Size change & stroke weights 2

“Admission free” is put right after main subject to draw individuals to read on with the actual films and their dates.  Films are indented so it’s easier to browse through the dates and see the schedule for the showing.

Size change & stroke weights 3

“Miyazaki Flims” is further emphasized with a sideways staggered listing.  The two bolded texts in the middle, main subject, and time + location are given the most emphasis.

Graphic elements: rules (lines) 1

This binding gives a natural separation between dates or other short “descriptive” words from the content.  Readers can see immediately the content and search for when a film is being showed.

Graphic elements: rules (lines) 2

The diagonal line portrays a nice symmetric modern feel while the thinner lines separates films with the subject and location.  This design is easy on the eyes.

Graphic elements: rules (lines) 3

The cross compartmentalize the different parts with films left un-bolded.  Time + location benefits the most as it’s all in one place without distraction.  The films themselves are separated and may need additional work.


1 thought on “Typographic Hierarchy (part 3)

  1. “Size change & stroke weights 3” had great alignment and great usage of bold as feedback, though there was dissension between the sizes of dates and film names. The sizes of the letters could increase drastically especially in the title.

    “Graphic elements: rules (lines) 2” had great play between the left and right side of the diagonal line. Though as opposed to strive for symmetry, it was suggested that the films be grouped together rather than split apart in the middle. It’s also a good idea to have the two horizontal lines be further part from the text. Overall, the poster + lines should be much larger.

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