Typographic Hierarchy (part 2)

Horizontal shift & linespacing 1

The shifts in paragraphs and line spacing both separate the various film showings from one another, while the top and bottom are together.

Horizontal shift & linespacing 2

This design lets dates to lead into the actual films, while separating specific location apart from the more commonly known names.

Horizontal shift & linespacing 3

The films are congregated together with spacing between each.

Horizontal shift & stroke weights 1

Content is separated from the descriptions of them using both strokes and indentation.

Horizontal shift & stroke weights 2

Separates films with descriptions by indentation, while separating groups of elements further using different strokes.

Horizontal shift & stroke weights 3

Each individual film is separated with a different stroke as well as the different parts of the descriptions above and below.  Indentation separates films overall.

Linespacing & stroke weights 1

Films are separated by weights and line spacing based on month, and other aspects are separated similarly.

Linespacing & stroke weights 2

All flms are grouped together with a heavier weight from the top and bottom descriptions.

Linespacing & stroke weights 3

Dates of individual films are grouped together while the name of films are bolded.


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