Final Space and meaning

Final "Fusion" Design

Original second design of “Fusion” was the most representative of the meaning of the word, mainly due to the coloring and sizes of letters.  The darker shades of each letter as one progressed towards the center of the word portrays a sense of concentration in the middle (aka fusion).  Additionally, the sizes became smaller at the center as well, giving a dense feel, which is also an attribute of fusion (like a black hole).  Suggestions for improvements include separating the spacing between ‘i’ and the surrounding letters so it’s more distinct and visible.  Moreover, shifting letter positions is also suggested to give a more organic feel.

Changes were made to focus ‘i’ at the epicenter of the word (vertically and horizontally) as other letters progressed downwards from it as if they are being sucked in.  This creates a depth and the ability for the dot in the ‘i’ to stand out, distinguishing itself from the closeness of the neighboring letters.


1 thought on “Final Space and meaning

  1. Nice work on this assignment. The grayscale creates depth and the tight kerning makes the word feel compressed and more unified. The little i is being squeezed by the larger letters on either size, which makes it feel active. Good work.

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